Mr. Robby Kuhlman, Lincoln’s headmaster, believes that a school runs most efficiently when parents are involved. We encourage you to get involved in any of the following areas listed below. There’s a quick contact form at the bottom of this page that you can fill out to let us know you want to help. 

Note that all volunteers who work with students must be fingerprint cleared before working in school. If your child attended another Great Hearts school last year and you were fingerprint cleared there, contact Great Hearts HR to have your fingerprint card transferred to Archway Lincoln.

Please fill out the form below and let us know your area(s) of interest. We will be in touch soon!

Co-Presidents (Two)
Take direction from Headmaster, meet regularly with Administration, coordinate and meet regularly with the Committee Leads, provide information as needed for parents/incoming families, ensure financial stability of PSO, provide back-up to other committees when needed, attend all school functions sponsored by PSO.

  • Time: 2-4 hours/week at minimum
  • Required to be on-campus? Yes

Finance Committee (Two Co-Leads)
Count and deposit snack bar money on Fridays (1 hr/week), keep track of expenses and income (1-2 hours/week), present Pres/VP and Administration with financial status on bi-weekly basis. Financial background preferred, but not necessary.

  • Required to be on-campus? Yes, but limited (must pick up deposits on Fridays; rest can be done at home)

Library Committee
Organize and execute Read-a-thon in fall, organize and execute Birthday Book Club each month, regular cataloging of books, organizing library and books when shelves/cataloging system are installed.

  • Time: 1 hr/day min during Read-a-Thon; 2-5/hrs month for Birthday Book Club
  • Required to be on-campus? Yes

Event Committee
Create, plan, and schedule various events for the school, such as movie night, Daddy-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Shindig, pool parties, skating events, service events, etc.; coordinate a team of parents who will assist with the various events; purchase and/or construct items needed for events (balloon arches, candy, etc.); engage vendors to assist with events (DJs, photographers, etc.); manage/keep track of the items we purchase to be re-used at different events, such as props, candy, water/sodas, raffle tickets, etc.

  • Time: 1-5 hours/month on a regular basis, several hours/week leading up to an event, all day on day of event
  • Required to be on-campus? Yes, primarily right before/after event to get/put away supplies

Keep website updated with PSO current events, prepare website as necessary for event ticket purchases, send weekly email/post with PSO updates. Marketing/writing and/or technical background a plus.

  • Time: 1-3 hours/week
  • Required to be on-campus? No

Care and Concern
Provide assistance to families in need (coordinating meals, errands, etc.), uniform drive (collecting, cleaning, and repairing).

  • Time: 5+ hours/month depending on need (more at end of year during Uniform Drive)
  • Required to be on-campus? Yes, but limited (including picking up and delivering uniforms)

Teacher Appreciation
Provide lunches, gifts, or other displays of appreciation to teachers.

  • Time: 1-2 hours/month prep + the day before/day of (setup/tear down), more during week of Teacher Appreciation in May (5 days of events)
  • Required to be on-campus? Yes, for setup/tear down

Help determine vendors for the upcoming school year, select menus, run reports, manage and train volunteers, keep lunchroom stocked with snacks and water and utensils, ensure vendor quality, host Treat Friday the last day of the month (including making flyers, purchasing treats, and working the lunchroom that day).

  • Time: 3-5 hours/week, which can be shared among co-leads
  • Required to be on-campus? Yes

Passive Fundraising
Soliciting local business for Family Fun Nights; scheduling, creating flyers and distributing in teacher’s mailboxes; attending FFNs; signing school up at Amazon, Target, Fry’s, Box Tops, etc.; seeking out other passive fundraising opportunities

  • Time: 1-5 hours/month
  • Required to be on-campus? Limited (just to collect box tops or distribute flyers)

Volunteer Committee
Manage sign-ups for Front Office and any school-wide activities (i.e., Field Day), represent/guide classroom liaisons, be a point person for teachers regarding liaisons, maintain database of all volunteers.

  • Time: 1-2 hours/week; more at beginning of year to log volunteers into database
  • Required to be on-campus? Yes

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